"10K" Visualizer for Jemere

This was the second visualizer I did for frequent collaborator Jemere. This time, Jemere said he wanted a bouncing Cadillac. I generally don’t like to use models, so I decided I was going to build one myself, and I’m proud to say I modeled that Cadillac from scratch. After a little research I came across a car auction site, which proved to be a treasure trove of reference photos. I found a posting for an old Coupe Deville, and based my model off of that.

As for the actual animation, looking back, I think I’d make it a little more dynamic. I wanted to keep some consistency with what I’d done for Blue Groove, at least with the orbs and the circular holes, and I think I succeeded there. I love how the car came out as well. I do think I could have jazzed it up a little more, maybe added a texture to the revolving cylinder the car sits atop, so you could actually tell it was moving. All in all though—fun!