"Who Am I"

Designed the titles for "Who Am I". Set in Compacta BT Bold, which was also used throughout the website, designed by good friend Pari Gabriel.

From the official website: 

“Inspired by “I, too, am America” by Langston Hughes, Who Am I is a visual poem directed by Abdi Ibrahim and Jonathan Salmon. The film is an unapologetic ode to the relationship between Black life and the art it creates by portraying 40+ Black Seattle artists of all disciplines, ages, complexions and backgrounds to highlight the authenticity of their craft.

Who Am I is used as a call to action to donate to a GoFundMe campaign to financially support Black-led grassroots organizations (CHOOSE 180 and CREATIVE JUSTICE) in Seattle dedicated to restructuring the youth incarceration system in the county."

The campaign was pretty successful with the film raising over $10,000 for the two organizations.

Visit the website at for more information, and donate to the campaign here.