"Will" Book Tour Assets

In November of 2021, Will Smith embarked on a six city book tour to commemorate the release of his memoir Will.  Each stop was equal parts sit-down interview and concert, with the first half consisting of a conversation between Smith and another famous media personality, and the other a performance of his musical hits, accompanied by none other than Jazzy Jeff. 

I was brought on by Voyage Productions as part of a team that would be generating content for the live show. After a week of brainstorming, it was decided that since there was no shortage of photo and video content to throw up on screen, it would be good to create content that accented it, without distracting from it.

I settled on modeling a series of 3D icons that represented the different aspects and eras of Will’s life—his first Grammy award, the sunglasses from Men in Black, etc. etc. After modeling all of the objects in 3D software, I toon shaded them to give them a 2D feel, applied some slight animation to them, and color corrected.

Unfortunately, as the first show date neared, it was decided that the show needed to be simplified, and subsequently my content was cut from the final show. Disappointing as that may have been, That’s show business, baby. Super grateful to Voyage Productions for allowing me to work on such an amazing project, and especially thankful for my friend Dan Sanford, who recruited me to this project and did an amazing job creative directing the entire experience.